Rhinaris Gentle Saline Solution

Nasal spray 100ml

Ideal for daily nasal hygiene, it gently cleans and maintains healthy sinuses.

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100% natural-source
sea water

gentle formula

Non-addictive and
no rebound effect

What makes a nose so dry?

Common culprits are dust, cold weather, pollen and pollution (indoors and out). Great for the office or overly dry environments, this gentle daily nasal spray is an isotonic seawater solution clinically proven to moisturize nasal passages to help relieve dryness symptoms. It can be used regularly with no dependency or rebound effects.

Product information (by the numbers)


Medicinal Ingredients

Seawater 28% (0.9% sodium chloride) without preservatives or chemical additives.

Non-medicinal Ingredients

Purified water.

Safety warning

For nasal use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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