Nasal Care

Wash your face, brush your teeth, wash your nose.

Your health can lead by a nose!

Here’s to the nose, our natural air-purifier! It’s one of our first lines of defense and a built-in filter against microbes, impurities and irritants, so it makes sense to keep it in top condition so it can do its job properly.

Good nasal hygiene can really ease nasal congestion. In addition, daily nose ‘washing’ gets rid of any existing mucus and allergens,

For the whole family, keeping nasal passages clean, clear and well lubricated combats dryness that can lead to irritation and mucus buildup.

Healthy starts at home

Did you know it can be more polluted inside your home than outside? Nasal congestion and dryness can often be caused by something under your own roof. Fortunately we have lots of helpful hints for keeping your house healthier for your family and reducing or eliminating potential irritants and triggers.

Daily nasal hygiene: Be dice to your dose!

Whether you start or end your day with a gentle saline nose wash, you’ll see the benefits of clean, well-conditioned nasal passages right away: you’ll have less sinus pressure, and you’ll sneeze, sniffle and blow your nose much less. Daily hygiene helps to remove inhaled pollen, dust and pollutants that can cause nasal congestion, allergies and sinus problems. You’ll ease any symptoms that do arise, so your sleep may not be affected and you get the rest you need.

It’s important to know the difference between saline nasal solutions and medicated nasal decongestants. Saline solutions are suited to daily hygiene because they pose no danger of “rebound effect”.

We tend to assume a blocked or stuffy nose is from a cold, but there are many other possible reasons for it. And lots of reasons to enjoy an un-blocked nose!

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