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We tend to take our trusty noses for granted, but we have good reason to take better care of them. Find out why we need to care for our noses’ health the same way we care for everything else.

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The different forms of sinusitis can be particularly troublesome. Find out what they are and how to help prevent the onset of sinusitis.

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There’s nothing pleasant about living with nasal or sinus congestion. An impaired sense of smell is irritating, but congestion can also be accompanied by painful pressure or difficulty sleeping that leaves you miserable and fatigued.

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Whether you’re trying to moisturize your nasal passages or clear up nasal congestion, it’s important that you use your nasal spray (or nasal mist) correctly for it to work. Follow these simple steps to better relieve your congestion and moisturize the mucus membranes in your nose.

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